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     Cashier Finance - Department    [2012-5-23 15:34:43]
    Place:  Beijing
    Salary:  /
    Number:  2人
    Sex:  /
    Age:  /
    Condition:  1, in strict accordance with the provisions of the company in charge of cash and Bank of revenue and expenditure;
    2, cash and bank journal registration, entry, daily and monthly, and bank reconciliation and accounting;
    3, responsible for the ticket purchase and the issuing bank, a check of the registration, receipt and verification work;
    4, the expense reimbursement document verification, by the accounting audit;
    5, the purchase invoices, and invoices issued certification deductible;
    6, monthly corresponding statements of statistical analysis;
    7. Other items assigned by the leadership..
    Job Description:

    1. College degree or above, major in finance, accounting and statistics.;
    2, accounting qualification certificate, over one year cashier working experience;
    3, will the UF financial software, proficient in Excel, familiar with Excel statistical analysis etc.;
    4, a strong sense of responsibility, clarity, patience, keep strictly confidential.
    Note: for a Beijing hukou, married.

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